Best Air Purifier for RVs – Rid Your Camper of Toxic Air!

Hands down, an RV air purifier is a much needed commodity in motorhomes, campers and even smaller spaces like a campervan. From campfire smoke and wildfires, stinky cooking in your RV to people and pets living in such a small space, an air purification unit helps your family’s respiratory health. But, there’s many portable air purifiers on the market. Which one is best for a tiny camper all the way up to a million dollar motorhome?

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Hepa Filter Air Purifiers – Product Review


RVs seem to accumulate extra dust; more than an S&B house. It’s a small confined space with people and pets moving about with doors and windows open allowing natural allergens and campfire/grilling smoke in and cooking odors and pet dander floating everywhere.  We had to find a solution of getting rid of that dust and those allergens.

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