Protect Your RV from Hurricane, High Wind or Storm Damage

Protect Your RV from Hurricane Damage - Always On Liberty

Knowing how to protect your RV from hurricanes, storms and high winds will help save you from serious damage or even total loss to your motorhome or camper.These hurricane preparation tips will also help save you money and alleviate stress from impending storms. But, where do you even start to hurricane proof an RV to begin with?

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Weather Emergency Preparation Tips for RVers

When there’s an impending severe storm, tornado warning or hurricane is about to make landfall, you and your family need to be prepared and ready to evacuate. Because staying in your RV or camper during severe weather or major storms could put your and your family’s lives at risk. With these lifesaving weather emergency preparation tips, you’ll learn how not to become a statistic. Continue reading “Weather Emergency Preparation Tips for RVers”