First Timers Guide to Fredericksburg, Texas

Always On Liberty - Fredericksburg, Texas

It’s no secret that Fredericksburg, Texas is not only rich in history and German heritage but a mixed bag of culture as well. Located in the heart of Texas Wine Country just outside of San Antonio, this eclectic town has a great punch list of places to visit and things to do! From hiking and camping to learning about the Texas Rangers (not the baseball team) and World War 2, you’ll love this quaint German town that beg you to return. There’s lot to see and do so we put together our first timers guide to Fredericksburg. We hope you enjoy reading about our favorites!

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What lurks beneath us! – Natural Bridge Caverns, Texas


In early February 2016, we planned a day trip to visit the Natural Bridge Caverns, located between San Antonio and New Braunfels, Texas.  It wasn’t a terribly long ride as it was only about an hour away from where we were parked.  We decided a weekday was best to avoid weekend crowds.  Or, so we thought…

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