Cramer Fire Firefighters Memorial – North Fork, Idaho

Fire Firefighters Memorial

The Cramer Fire Firefighters Memorial is a must visit while you’re exploring and adventuring the Salmon-Challis Forest and the Salmon River in Idaho. This humble Fallen Firefighters memorial honors two helitack and heli-rappeller wildland firefighters, Jeff Allen and Shane Heath. Both firefighters lost their lives in the Cramer Fire in 2003.

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Why You Need to Visit Craters of the Moon National Monument!

Always On Liberty - Craters of the Moon National Monument Sign

Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve is such a unique park that you just have to visit! But who would ever think of such a place would be in Idaho? And why on earth would a place like this be even considered a National Park? With its’ amazing geological moon-like features, the lava field environment is literally out of this world! The volcanic ground zero literally looks like you’re on the moon! Hence, why it’s called Craters of the Moon.

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How We Shop at the Farmer’s Market


Before we began our full-time RV Life, we would visit Spencer County’s Farmer’s Market. In our little resident town of Taylorsville, Kentucky, we’d shop for freshly home-grown produce and other provisions.  For twenty bucks, we could fill our cloth tote bags with organic vegetables and grass fed raised beef, handmade soaps and natural tinctures. For a little treat, we’d bring home a loaf of baked bread or sweet rolls and an occasional bouquet of flowers.

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Arco, Idaho: Its Totally Nuclear, Man!

Always On Liberty - Arco Idaho - Atomic City

Anytime we pass through small towns across the United States, we do a little Google search so we can see what they’re all about. When we passed Arco, Idaho also known as Atomic City, we were amazed by Arco’s significance. And, though there’s a whole lot of nothing out there, it surely made us raise our eyebrows. Let’s just say that they do a whole lot of ‘testing’ there!!

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