Camping at Taylorsville Lake State Park Campground – Kentucky

Always On Liberty - Taylorsville Lake State Park Sign

Kentucky’s Taylorsville Lake State Park Campground is the best place to enjoy camping, hiking, horseback riding, fishing, kayaking and boating. Located less than an hour’s drive from Louisville and Lexington, this 1200 acre park is the perfect getaway amidst amazing horse country in heart of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

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10 Enchanting Lavender Farms to Visit in the U.S.

Lavender Farms in the U.S. - Lady in Lavender

Lavender Farms are sprouting up all over the United States. From small family farms to large commercial facilities that harvest big name essential oils, these aromatic lavender fields are great destinations for a relaxing experience. Come see why we we think you and your family should visit these enchanting lavender farms in the U.S.

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Best Places to See Bison in America

In the past several decades, through federally protected preserves and wildlife conservation programs, the American Bison can be seen in the wild once again. Perhaps not the vast millions of pre 1800’s, today 9 bison herds in 12 states roam the Plains and Prairies of the United States. And now, the Bison reigns as the U.S. National Mammal. So, I bet you’re wondering, where are the best places to see bison in America?

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How We Became Full-Time RVers

We’ve been asked numerous times to share our story of how our dream began over lunches, dinners, campfires, happy hours and small talk. Though our story resonates with other full-time RVers our age, it still piques interest of those who may think we’re crazy. Though we’ve been doing this for over a year now, we thought a thorough explanation might help some appreciate the process we went through to get to where we are now.

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