What is AutoCamp? Airstream Glamping Near National Parks!

What is AutoCamp - Always On Liberty

Wouldn’t it be cool to visit Cape Cod, the Catskills, Yosemite or Joshua Tree National Parks and stay in a beautiful Airstream instead of some boring hotel room? AutoCamp allows you to do just that! So, skip those frumpy cinderblock walls and boring bedspreads and opt for glamping in state-of-the-art Airstreams, gorgeous cabins and luxurious tents!

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Glamping Getaways: Outdoor Luxury Camping

Glamping - HipCamp Canadian Wood and Canvas Tent

Are you vying for a unique outdoor adventure but roughing it in a tent on the wet ground isn’t your idea of fun? But also, you really don’t want to stay in some stuffy hotel? Glamping getaways are just what your outdoor soul is looking for! Just pack your bags, and experience these quintessential camping adventures that take you above and beyond the typical dirt floor tent.

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