Why You Should Visit the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial

Americans will never forget the tragedy of September 11, 2001. During the attacks on the United States, terrorists overcame the crew of Flight 77; thus attacking the military defense hub of the United States and killing 184. Now, decades post 9/11, Americans and foreign visitors go to Washington D.C. to remember and honor heroes at the National Pentagon 9/11 Memorial. But this isn’t just any stone memorial. There’s an impressive explanation and reason for the Pentagon Memorial’s design.

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Warbirds Memorial Park – Lackland AFB in San Antonio

Always On Liberty - Warbirds Memorial Park - Lackland

Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio Texas is the starting point of a future Enlisted Airmen attending Air Force Basic Military Training. But Lackland AFB is also home to a magnificent outdoor museum of Air Force war-fighting aircraft from every era of U.S. military history called Warbirds Memorial Park.

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