Ural Motorcycle Nomads Circumnavigate the Globe

Leaving HomeFunktion Urals Desert Riding


We’ve encountered some pretty interesting people during our RV travels. They all share their stories of where they are from and their livelihoods. And then, we meet other nomads, like ourselves, who have their own stories but of their travels and cool things they’ve seen or done. But when we met a cool group of foreign motorcycle nomads on Urals with sidecars loaded to the gills with gear, we were eager to meet and learn about their own journey because it is like no other.

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Motorcycle RVers Head to Rolling Thunder in Washington D.C.

Memorial Day weekend in 2015, we RV’d to Washington D.C. to take part in Rolling Thunder. This was our 4th Rolling Thunder “Run for the Wall”. While we were in D.C., we also visited the grave of a Fallen Hero friend, CSM Michael Buxbaum, and our Coast Guard Iraq KIA Nathan Bruckenthal in Arlington National Cemetery and the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial.

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