RV Life - Motorhome Towing Dinghy

During the first six months of full-time RVing in our Winnebago View, we drove our motorhome without a towing a toad vehicle. However, we found that we wanted more freedom to explore once our motorhome is parked. So, we decided on a Jeep Wrangler (JK) off-road vehicle so we could diversify and expand our adventures. So, having experienced RVing in a motorhome with and without a toad vehicle, we want to share the pros versus cons of towing.

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Downsizing RVs? What You Need to Know!

Downsizing RVs

Living in a van down by the river is a figurative expression meaning being a complete failure at life, a drain on society. However, nothing could be further than the truth for many, including us, who choose to live minimally while enjoying freedom and travel. So, fasten your seatbelts! We’re going to take you on a wild ride showing you how downsizing RVs works for us…and maybe give you that nudge to do it too!

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Solar & Energy Upgrades for Our Small Class C Motorhome

Solar Panels Upgrade

From the RV batteries and battery monitor to solar panels and solar charge controller, our small Winnebago View Class C motorhome is now equipped for longer-term boondocking and off-the-grid camping! We no longer need to rely on or be plugged into electric pedestals to produce electricity. Check out our tiny motorhome’s maintenance-free solar and energy storage upgrades.

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Must Have RV and Camper Toys for Kids!

Camper Toys

Now that we are grandparents, we’re always on the look out for cool RV and camper toys to buy for our grandson. And what better timing to showcase our favorite hand-picked collection. This cool kiddie RV and camper toy collection makes it easy for parents, grandparents, family and friends to pick out age-appropriate RV and camper toys to put under the tree, wrap-up for their little’s birthday or even just because!   Continue reading “Must Have RV and Camper Toys for Kids!”

Why We Downsized to a Winnebago View

Always On Liberty - Little Liberty with Us 3

There’s seems to be a sudden shift in within the RV community lately; especially amongst the full-timers. Several couples, solos and even small families who once traveled with big rig motorhomes, fifth wheels and travel trailers are downsizing down to much smaller RVs. And we decided to join in on the dance and downsized even further from our fifth wheel for several reasons. But, why the Winnebago View? 

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Downsizing Our RV: Huge Fifth Wheel to a Tiny Motorhome

AOL - RV Downsize

When we released our 2019 big reveal video, we were surprised (and elated!) by the monstrous support of downsizing our RV! But then, we were faced with a slew of questions that we felt we owed you, our readers and followers why we downsized…significantly. So, here’s why we traded our comfortably spacious 42′ Heartland Landmark 365 luxury fifth wheel to a tiny 26′ motorhome…

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