National Park Rules – Things You Should Never Do!

National Park Rules Sign for Hiking Trail - Always On Liberty

What’s happening to our National Parks is unbelievable! And it’s caused by careless park visitors! It’s all because visitors are not following the simple National Park rules. And it deeply affects the wildlife, environment, staff and other visitors who are visiting our parks. In fact, violating these do’s and don’ts is actually what’s causing National Park Rangers to close trails, campgrounds and points of access!

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Rhyolite Nevada – Death Valley Ghost Town with Crumbled Past

Rhyolite Train Depot

Rhyolite Nevada is quite different from what you picture as a typical western-theme ghost town. Only 120 miles northwest of Las Vegas near Death Valley National Park, Rhyolite National Historic Townsite begs you to come explore its’ crumbled ruins. You’ll learn about it’s short-lived history and why it’s one of the most peculiar desert ghost towns in America.

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2024 National Park Free Days – Visit U.S. National Parks at No Charge!

National Park Free Entry Days - National Parks Free Days - Always On Liberty

Every year, the U.S. National Park Service grants free entry to all visitors on designated National Park Free Days. They allow everyone to visit all National Parks and Monuments, National Historic Sites and Battlefields, National Seashores and even National Recreation Areas totaling 423 National Park sites spanning over 85 million acres across the U.S. at NO CHARGE! That’s right!! During the National Park designated free days, anyone can enter without shelling out a penny!

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E-bikes in National Parks? *Everything You Need to Know*

Ebikes in National Parks - Always On Liberty

The federal government now allows e-bikes in National Parks. The National Park Service recognizes that electric bikes offer positive impacts to our parks, monuments and other NPS managed lands. But, what does that mean for ebike riders, regular cyclists and visitors who drive automobiles who share the parks?

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Best Places to Celebrate 4th of July in America

Places to Celebrate the 4th of July in America

Are you looking for the best places to celebrate the 4th of July and all its’ festivities? I mean, who doesn’t love star spangled parades, shiny old cars, belly busting bbq’s and thunderous fireworks! From America’s small town battlefields and memorials to big city parades and massive fireworks, we’ll show why these cool patriotic destinations should be good reason to celebrate our Nation’s freedom, liberty and independence!

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Best Time to Visit America’s Most Popular National Parks

National Park Entrance - America's Most Popular National Parks

Visiting America’s most popular National Parks in the past few years has become a daunting challenge due to overcrowding and limited time frames for optimal weather. But, we’ve found ways to avoid those challenges! These are the best times to visit each park to get the most out of your National Park experience!

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Hiking for Beginners: Novice Hiking Tips Before Hitting the Trails

Beginner Hiking Tips - Hiking Gear - Always On Liberty

Hiking has become a favorite outdoor activity for all ages because it is great exercise, fairly inexpensive and gets you out to enjoy nature. Hence, why so many people are hitting the hiking trails. But, how do novices or beginner hikers who have never hiked a day in their life prepare to hike the outdoors? This hiking for beginners guide will get you on the hiking trail in no time!

Hiking Trail Etiquette – How NOT to Piss Off Other Hikers

Hiking Etiquette - Trail Rules

Hiking trail etiquette seems to have, quite literally, plunged off the damn cliff! With so many new people out there taking to the hiking trails in our National Parks and State Parks, it’s no wonder serious hikers are pissed! Between people leaving their crap and trash everywhere, screwing with the wildlife, loose dogs and just plain utter disrespect to the environment, it’s no wonder authorities are either limiting or closing down the hiking trails.

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7 Leave No Trace Principles – Outdoor Ethics & Etiquette

Leave No Trace Sign - Always On Liberty

The 7 Leave No Trace principals are the most important rules that are to help protect and preserve the outdoor natural environments and wildlife habitats. These rules apply to camping, on the trail, and on the water. But what do we do about careless people who ignore the concept? Continue reading “7 Leave No Trace Principles – Outdoor Ethics & Etiquette”