Musical Roads – Where Cars Make Music on the Road!

Musical roads, also called musical highways, singing roads, rhythmic roadways, melody roads and even humming highways, do more than just make music when cars drive over them. These cool musical roads are where cars can get their groove on when driving on these musical roads, there’s a secret to getting to hear the musical tunes! 

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8 Amazing Hikes in the United States

When we began our RV travel adventures in late 2014, we tried to come up with something to do together, enjoy the outdoors, learn something that would also be physically exerting to keep us healthy. We watched a few of our younger RV friends go on some awesome hikes in places we’ve only dreamed about or have seen in travel magazines.  It was then the hiking bug bit us!

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Visit Roswell, Mexico: UFO Believer’s Destination

Roswell New Mexico Alien

If you’ve never been to Roswell, New Mexico, you don’t know what you’re missing. This eclectic, extraterrestrial town taken in jest and is now capitalizing on the UFO landing controversy; the Roswell Incident! Come see why this place is a must visit U.S.  travel destination for your next road trip out west! Especially if you’re a believer in little green men!

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3 Must-See Historic Churches in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Churches in Santa Fe

Santa Fe, New Mexico offers so much more than iconic red adobe buildings, turquoise and silver, southwest art, and old traditional southwestern culture. New Mexico’s state capitol is also known for its’ deep Christian roots. Thus, the city has an amazing collection of old historic churches in Santa Fe just waiting for you to visit! And you don’t even have to be a Christian to see them!

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