Smartphone Photography Tips for Beginners

Always On Liberty - Smartphone Photography

Have you ever taken a photo using your smartphone only to look at it afterwards thinking, “UGH!”? I used to do the same thing. But then, I learned some great smartphone photography tips from a professional photographer. Now, my photos are amazing! So, I’m going to show what I learned and pass those awesome helpful tips onto you so you can take great photos too!

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Texas Hill Country: Bluebonnets on Willow City Loop

Willow City Loop Harley Bluebonnets
Texas Hill Country comes alive during the Texas Bluebonnets super bloom every Spring. This springtime nature event brightens up every knoll, valley and fence line throughout the Lone Star State. So, I went on on my own magical mystical tour on the Willow City Loop to see the Bluebonnets in full bloom.