15 Best RV Clothes Drying Racks for Campers & Boats

RV Clothes Drying Rack Mounts

RV clothes drying racks can save you tons of time and money while camping or living on the road or the water. You’re not shucking out money for laundromat dryers or hefty electric bills. But also, air drying your pool towels and wet clothes helps lessen excess heat and condensation inside your RV, camper or boat.  Continue reading “15 Best RV Clothes Drying Racks for Campers & Boats”

10 Easy DIY Fifth Wheel Interior Modifications

Light Globe Replacements

Have you noticed that RV manufacturers seem to be missing the mark on simple necessities in their builds? Simple necessary items such as paper towel holders, bathroom towel bars and toilet paper holders in their motorhomes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers are oddly being left out of their build inventory. And where the heck do we put the trash can? 

We had to change that. These 10 cool DIY fifth wheel modifications helped to make our RV interior living in tight quarters easier and more functional. 

Continue reading “10 Easy DIY Fifth Wheel Interior Modifications”