How to Minimize Trash While RVing & Camping

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Since RVs and campers are smaller than the average home, it takes no time for the garbage can to fill up with trash. And then, they have to worry about how or where we’re going to dispose of it. So, we’ve put together some creative ways on how to minimize your trash output and helping to save our planet.

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Places to Get Rid of Your Trash on the Road Legally

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Getting ride of your trash on the road can be a major challenge for campers, RVers, and roadtrippers who travel on the road. RVers who boondock or those who tent camp off the grid also find it difficult finding places to dispose of their trash properly. Garbage can pile up quickly in their motorhome and camper; making for an unpleasant experience. So, there lies the million dollar question. Where can RV travelers and campers ditch their garbage?

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