100+ Ultimate BEST GIFT IDEAS for RV Owners

100+ Ultimate BEST GIFT IDEAS for RV Owners

Where do we even start to look what to buy and where to buy everything RVers and camper owners want, need or wish for? So, we’ve compiled a huge list of best gift ideas for RV owners; whether it’s for the RV tech geek, RV kitchens, the campsite and outdoor adventures, RV and Remote Work Courses. We’ve even included a few of our favorite RV club memberships! But, don’t think this incredible list is just for the holidays or even gift giving. It’s also a great resource of items needed for the RV lifestyle, van life and RV camping regardless if you’re a full-time RVer or weekend camper! Continue reading “100+ Ultimate BEST GIFT IDEAS for RV Owners”

How to Maximize Efficiency of Your RV Refrigerator

RV Life - RV Refrigerator

RV Refrigerators come in many sizes and styles depending on whether you have a motorhome, fifth wheel, camper trailer, truck camper or caravan. They are powered either by propane or electricity. Regardless if your RV refrigerator is powered by propane or electric, they need to operate at maximum efficiency to keep your food from spoilage. Here’s some valuable information on how to maximize efficiency of your RV refrigerator and some great maintenance tips.

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RV Maintenance: RV Tire Safety and Maintenance

Tire Maintenance

Like shoes on a person, the most important feature on your RV are the tires. They support and carry your load and weight for as long as your moving. Oftentimes though, those tires on a motorhome, fifth wheel or trailer tires are overlooked which could lead you right into the path of destruction. So, we’ve put together our valuable RV tire safety and maintenance tips and accessories guide to help minimize or even eliminate potential of tire blowouts or accidents.

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RV Life: What to Expect as Full-Time RVers

RV Lifestyle

Before we set out for the open road in 2014, we had come to the hard-core realization that the full-time RV lifestyle is vastly different than living in sticks and bricks house. From constant RV maintenance, how to store everything you own in such tiny space and learning how to do it all will take more than throwing caution to the wind. It takes skill, patience, flexibility and some important RV life skills.

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RV Maintenance: RV Air Conditioner Cleaning and Maintenance

RV Air Conditioning Unit

RV air conditioners can fail in the most inopportune times if you don’t take care of it. We will walk you through from the moment you get up the nerve to get on the roof to making sure your motorhome or towable RV air conditioner stays in top notch working condition and stays efficient in cooling the inside of your RV or camper.

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Valterra RV Sewer Hose Storage – Product Review

Valterra E-Z Sewer Hose Storage

One of the least favorite but necessary chores RV owners must do is empty their motorhome or trailer’s gray and black tank. There’s a variety of necessary sewage disposal supplies you’ll need; primarily your sewer hose. We found an easy-to-install RV sewer hose storage carrier that to store your sewer hose aka the stinky slinky!

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Anderson Kantleak RV Water Service Panel Upgrade and Installation Guide

Anderson Brass Kantleak Water Service Panel

Recently, we were provided the opportunity to work with Anderson Brass Company by testing their improved RV water service panel. We replaced our existing plastic-fitting Anderson 200RV water service panel in our fifth wheel’s utility distribution center (UDC) with a better-engineered retrofit panel. Unlike the old plastic leaky and unreliable valve system, the Kantleak MANRV101-RF is manufactured with all brass fittings. 

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