Anderson Kantleak RV Water Service Panel Replacement

Always On Liberty - Anderson Kantleak Cover

We upgraded our Anderson Kantleak water service panel with a much improved and better engineered retrofit water service panel. Our old Anderson Kantleak had plastic fittings that leaked; making the valve system unreliable. However, as you’ll read further, you’ll notice the vast improvement of the the new Anderson Kantleak’s fittings. Plus, we’ll include how we installed it.

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Top 10 Must Have Tools to Keep in Your RV Tool Kit

RV Tool Kit - Tool Bag

It’s a given that we are going to have repair vital components that will require even the basic tools. Having the right tool for the job will make repairs and maintenance ten times easier. So, we have compiled a list of the top basic tools to keep in your RV tool kit that you should have in your motorhome, travel trailer, camper van, truck camper or fifth wheel .

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How to Keep your RV Cool in the Summer Heat

RV Life - Hot Summer Sun

While RVing in the summer is fun, when the temperatures are above 80 degrees, your RV vacation can turn into an unpleasant and sticky experience. Your camper will feel like a hot oven inside. And because RVs are not built like houses, it can be a challenge to keep your RV cool  in the summer heat. However, there’s several ways to escape the heat, be comfortable and sleep well on those hot summer nights.

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RV Air Conditioner Vents and Filters Maintenance

RV AC Filters Dirty

The RV air conditioner vents and filters inside your motorhome or camper trailer require monthly maintenance. This includes cleaning the ceiling vents and periodic AC filter replacements. By keeping your vents and filters clean and debris-free,  your RV’s air conditioner will operate more efficiently even on your hottest days; thus extending the life of the AC. But most of all, regular vent cleaning will aid in your family’s respiratory health.

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