RV Factory Tours in Elkhart – 2023 RV Manufacturer Tour Info

RV Factory Tours in Elkhart Indiana - RV Manufacturer Tour Info - Always On Liberty

Wouldn’t it be great to have one centralized location where you can take in some RV factory tours? Elkhart, Indiana is just that place! There are 30-40 RV manufacturers with plants that operate in the Elkhart region along with RV component manufacturers and distribution centers. Hence, why Elkhart is called the RV Capital of the World.

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South Bend, Indiana Ultimate Visitor’s Guide

RV Destination - South Bend Indiana

When you think of South Bend, Indiana, what comes to mind? Well, if you’re a big college football fan, you’re familiar with Notre Dame University. And if you’re a big classic car buff, then you know Studebaker is there. But, If you’re an RV owner, there’s a good chance you will trek your way up from Elkhart, Indiana to take in the sights and sounds of this fun-filled city on the lake.

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