Best Outdoor Camping Rug to Keep Your Campsite Clean

RV Outdoor Rugs

One of our least favorite things about camping is constantly tracking dirt and sand into our RV. To alleviate that problem, we use an outdoor camping rug to prevent dirt tracking. But campsite mats also provides a cleaner entrance to our RV or tent. With that, we can now concentrate on enjoying our campsite instead of constantly sweeping and cleaning.

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How to Create an Outdoor Living Space

Improvise and adapt; a common military phrase when you start with practically nothing or something less desirable and we make it great. The same holds true in our RV lifestyle.

Living quarters in RVs and campers are quite limited. But that doesn’t mean our world or journey is. We love to be outside, especially when the weather is kind to us. So, instead of sitting inside watching tv or working, we relocated ourselves to enjoy the outdoors. That means, we need to make an outdoor living space or outdoor living room. So, this is our way of improvising and adapting.

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