The Basic Costs of Full-Time RVing

Many assume that full-time RVing is cheaper than owning a house or renting a condo or apartment. For those of you who are contemplating full-time RVing, you should take into consideration, at least, the basic costs associated with our RV lifestyle.

So, we’ve put together a compilation list to provide a better picture of our expenses incurred in this thing we call, RV LIFE.

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Packing Tips for your RV Trips

Packing Tips Storage Baskets

Pulling your RV or camper down the road can shake things up a bit inside our RV. Thus, it can result in a whole lot of messy cleanups once we get to our destinations. We had to learn to pack our cabinets and refrigerator as if we were driving through a tornado. So, we learn quickly how to stow and go! Here, we’ll share some Rv packing tips that will save you from heartaches, headaches and your wallet.

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RV Life ISN’T All Rainbows and Soft Kittens

For those who think that we live on this perpetual vacation of puffy clouds, rainbows and soft kittens, I’m sorry to say, that’s a huge fallacy. As RVers, we still go through trials of life. There are some that may try to make us want to give up the ship. Amidst our amazing experiences of RV Life, we still have let downs, things that just piss us off and huge disappointments that make us cry.

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Fashion Tips For RVers and Travelers


Just because we live in an RV doesn’t mean that I have to forgo getting dressed up or give up the latest fashion. If any of you know me personally, I like to doll myself up when we go out to dinner, visit with friends and family or just to go shopping. I said to myself when we started this adventure that I was not going to allow myself to turn into…FRUMP GIRL.

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AquaTank II Water Bladder – Product Review

As RVers, we are on a continuous quest to make everything easier, less stressful and more fun for when we boondock.  The most important supply we need to have onboard Liberty is water. Hence, we needed to find a way to procure potable drinking water but also get it into our water tank without packing up everything and hitching up to drive to a water source.

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5 Reasons You Should Join Your RV Manufacturer’s Owners Club

We’ve owned two different 5th wheels since we’ve been RVing.  We’ve also been a member of the manufacturer’s owners club; ours being Heartland Owners Club (both or our coaches were/are Heartland RVs).  As members, we’ve attended three National/North American Rallies and several Regional and State Rallies!

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Even RVers Take a Holiday

Its true! Even RVers take a holiday every now and then.  

I know that sounds kind of blase’.  Even when we are RVing, we still have schedules, work, chores, planning, paying bills, blogging, studying, etc.  We have to remember that our RVing is a lifestyle and not a continuous vacation.  As funny as that sounds, getting away helps renew.  Also, living in such tight quarters in our RV, getting a little time away from each other, makes the hearts stronger.  

This past January (2016), leaving our rig and resident mousers behind in good hands of caretakers, we both flew to Tampa to enjoy a little Florida Sunshine in St. Petersburg to see some friends.

We also planned on attending the Tampa RV Super Show.  Now, before you start wondering, we weren’t shopping for a new RV.  We actually wanted to meet up with some of the Heartland Corporate Sales and Regional Representatives and see what the latest and greatest in the RV industry.

We also connected with a few fellow members of the Heartland Owners Club. 
After the show, we met up with an old shipmate and his wife whom we were stationed with 20 years prior on Cape Cod at the RV Super Show and then later, had dinner. (Hi Alec & Kathy!)

After a few short days, Dan had to fly back to Texas as he had a former Coast Guard Shipmate coming to visit him the following weekend.  I stayed in Florida for another week or so to spend with my best friend, Claudia and her mom, Helga and get some beach time. No shoes. No shirts. No problems.
Just good friends and relaxation time.
 The days were so relaxing. We went shelling and went on our power walks.
While I was down there, I also met up with a dear friend from our Boston days for lunch the day I flew back out. (Hi Anne!)
Though our and my time down there was short, it was just what we needed. Just because we live in an RV doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve a little time away from RVLife.