Cramer Fire Firefighters Memorial: North Fork, Idaho

Fire Firefighters Memorial

While exploring the Salmon, Idaho area, we had to prepare ourselves and our RV for possible immediate evacuation due to a wildland fire inching closer to our campground. Should we stay or should we leave? But there’s more to this story. It’s not so much about the fire evacuation possibility but the firefighters that battle the wildfires. And, the Cramer Fire Fighters Memorial that taught us so much.

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Arco, Idaho: Its Totally Nuclear, Man!

Always On Liberty - Arco Idaho - Atomic City

Anytime we pass through small towns across the United States, we do a little Google search so we can see what they’re all about. When we passed Arco, Idaho also known as Atomic City, we were amazed by Arco’s significance. And, though there’s a whole lot of nothing out there, it surely made us raise our eyebrows. Let’s just say that they do a whole lot of ‘testing’ there!!

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