What Do Flamingos and Pineapples Mean at Campgrounds?

Upside Down Pineapples Swingers Flag

There’s a dirty little secret abounding in campgrounds and RV parks all across America! Rumors are flying that flamingos and pineapples at campgrounds are some secret code that some campers use to show a different kind of hospitality. But does that mean that Grandma’s tacky pink flamingos and pineapples mean she’s one of them? How could something so innocent as retro pink mingos or spikey tropical fruit turn into such scathing and…?

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SEX in an RV? How to Keep Up Romance Alive While RVing

Sex in the RV - Couple

Having SEX in an RV is a huge challenge for couples; especially as more families are hit the road and campgrounds are packed to the gills! Adult RVers of are trying to find creative ways make doing wild thing less obvious and awkward; especially parents who’s children are sleeping practically right next to you. And then there’s having to walk out of your RV the next morning with all of your camping neighbors cheering or gawking at you or having to take the walk of shame all because *gasp* you had SEX in the RV!? 

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