Cold Weather Camping Tips – How to Stay Warm in a Tent

How to Stay Warm in a Tent - Snow Camping in Cold Weather

Cold weather camping and knowing how to stay warm in a tent is not just about comfort and enjoyment. But also, staying warm and dry is important for your health and well being. These cold weather camping tips will help keep you safe, warm and dry while you’re relaxing or sleeping on your winter camping trip.

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Fun Campfire Alternatives During Burn Bans While Camping

It’s so disappointing when a fire ban in place and you’re not allowed to have a campfire. I mean, the campfire is one of the main focuses of camping, right? Frustrated as you and your family are, there’s plenty of creative campfire alternatives to still enjoy camping during those burn restrictions. 

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What is Overlanding? Off Grid & Off Road Extreme Camping

Always On Liberty - Overlanding Ram Truck - Ash Chestnut

Overlanding is not a new camping concept. People have been overlanding even before the inception of the covered wagon. Today, the overlanding lifestyle combines off-roading, outdoor recreation and off grid camping in some of the most rugged terrains. But, not everyone nor is every vehicle capable of overlanding. Are you?

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Insect Repellent Ingredients: Are They SAFE?

Insect Repellent Ingredients-4

Bug sprays are essential to enjoying the outdoors; especially where there’s a high mosquito population. But, have you ever wondered what’s actually in those bug sprays and insect repellents that keep mosquitos, flies, fleas and ticks from harming us by transmitting deadly diseases? And, are you concerned about how those insect repellent ingredients can affect your health after exposure as well as the environment? We’ll answer all those questions right here.

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Glamping Getaways: Outdoor Luxury Camping

Glamping - HipCamp Canadian Wood and Canvas Tent

Are you vying for a unique outdoor adventure but roughing it in a tent on the wet ground isn’t your idea of fun? But also, you really don’t want to stay in some stuffy hotel? Glamping getaways are just what your outdoor soul is looking for! Just pack your bags, and experience these quintessential camping adventures that take you above and beyond the typical dirt floor tent.

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