What is Campsite Squatting? Is It Legal?

Campsite squatting has become a way of stealth camping in campgrounds all across the U.S, including even National Parks and State Parks. However, this form of camping is illegal and immoral! It takes away from campers who actually pay for their campsites, as well, the campgrounds themselves. As of recent, campground owners are now catching on. The freeloading squatters are getting caught camping illegally and facing serious consequences!

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Protect Your Valuables from Theft & Fire with the Right RV Safe

Do you have a safe in your RV? If not, why? Whether you travel full-time in your motorhome or fifth wheel or camp in your travel trailer for a short time, you should always protect your valuables, narcotic medications and sensitive documents by locking them in a good quality safe. But, what type of safe do you need and where would you even put an RV safe?

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Campsite Theft Prevention Tips for RVs & Tent Campers

Campsite Theft - Bicycle Thief-2

Campsite theft is getting out of control. Thieves are making their way into campgrounds and RV parks to steal your stuff! But who’s responsibility is it to keep your your camping gear and belongings from becoming a target for theft? These useful campsite theft prevention tips will help protect your personal property whether camping in a campground or camping off grid.

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