Going on a Road Trip with Cats? Road Travel Tips for Cat Owners!

Road Trip Cat

Going on a road trip with cats can be a fun and adventurous experience for both of you! Or, it can end up being a total stressful crap shoot that will make you both taking the next exit to head back home. However, if you know how to prepare and care for your cat before taking them on a long-distance road trip, your dream adventure can come true!

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Where to Put the Cat Litter Box in an RV – Storage Tips

Cat Litter Box in an RV

As full-time RV travelers with cats onboard, we face some unique challenges. One of which is where do we put the cat litter box in your RV? Considering that RVs have very tight quarters, finding the perfect place to hide a litter box can be a daunting challenge. Not only must we appease our our kitty cats, but also keep down the cat box odor and not ruin the aesthetics of our RV.

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How to Survive RVing with Cats

RVing with Cats - Kandi on Dashboard

When downsizing from our Kentucky home to our RV, we knew we’d have lots of challenges ahead. But those challenges become a whole other ball of yarn when it’s come to RVing with cats. From where to put the litter box to finding their favorite napping spots in our RV, we had to re-learn it all. We had to figure out how to accommodate their needs as well as create an environment where we all can survive. We’re living proof that you can RV with cats and want to share our experiences on the road as full-time RVers.

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How RV Travel with Cats is Easier (Than with Dogs!)

Road Trip with Cat - Kandi Looking Out
Cats are taking RVing by storm! More and more, you see felines are hitting the road with their owners in motorhomes and campers. And because of their adventure seeking nature, they have become quite the explorers and traveling companions. But, did you know that RV travel with cats IS easier than with dogs!? 

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