Why RV Travel is a Better Vacation Option than Flying

If you’ve never taken an RV vacation before, you don’t know what you’re missing! RV travel offers amazing flexibility, countless places to explore along your route and is far less stressful than air travel! In fact, you and your family will get a much better experience and even health  benefits while traveling in an RV than jet setting!

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Best Weather App for Outdoorsy Types, Camping & RVing

RV Life - Best Weather Apps and Websites-2

Finding the best weather app for us outdoorsy types can be a bit overwhelming. But, they are an essential trip planning tool for RVing, camping, and anyone hitting the road or planning an outdoor adventure. With so many different smart device online weather applications out there, we’ll show which is the best weather app that’s most beneficial for adventure seekers. Continue reading “Best Weather App for Outdoorsy Types, Camping & RVing”

5 Must-Have RV Trip Planning Books

We’ve found that even in the digital age, paper-page books are good to have in presence. Convenient as it may be to be able to use the internet to get info, having physical books isn’t a bad thing. Phone apps are only as good as your WiFi signal, ease of use and information within. So, we’ve put together a short catalog of our favorite must-have RV trip planning books.

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