Protect your RV from Salt and Sun Damage

RV Exterior Care_ Protect your RV from Salt Air and Sun Damage

Florida and Texas are two favorite RV destinations for snowbirds to enjoy the warm sunshine and beautiful ocean and gulf shores also known as Salt Life. However, that same coastal salt air and sun will do more than give you a bad sunburn. It also wreaks havoc on your RV if you don’t take take preventative measures to protect your investment.

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Waterless Wash Wax ALL for RVs, Boats and Automobiles

Wash Wax All Spray Exterior RV Care

How do we keep our fifth wheel and motorhome exterior finish looking like it just came straight from the RV showroom? Well, we’ve discovered Waterless Wash Wax ALL is the best RV exterior care product that requires no water, no ladder to climb on and is super easy to get on the road. But wait! We’ll also will share more of their product line we use for both, our RV interior and all of our RV’s exterior!

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