RV Maintenance Tip #3: Keeping your RV Drains Clear

One of the most talked about topics amongst RVers is drain cloggage. I know, I know…that’s not a word but you get the gist of it. RV’s seemingly have more delicate plumbing with curvy elbows and connections. I’ve read countless claims of RVers trying everything under the sun to unclog crap from their systems only resulting in exasperating the issue or resulting in an expensive call to an RV tech.

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Water Conservation During Boondocking

In January 2017, we threw caution to the wind and decided to join in on the Escapee’s Xscapers QuartzsiteConvergence.  We ‘camped’ with approximately 70+ other Campers and RV’ers rounded up in a single location on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) to boondock in Quartzsite, Arizona. Yes, we camped…meaning, we “boondocked”…meaning, as in being self contained…living off the grid…with no utilities. It was just us in our RV with no tethers to shore power or hoses. OH, but there was so much more to that story…