Best Fitness Gear for Those on the Go!

Fitness Gear - Resistance Bands Strength Training Outdoors

Don’t ever think you have to sacrifice your workouts and wellness for travel. You can still stay fit while roadtripping, camping or traveling around the country in your RV. By taking the best fitness gear and doing the right workout, you can maintain your exercise regime, strengthen muscles and burn off that pent up energy after a long ride. And, you can do it all without having to search for gyms or workout rooms.

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Chiropractic Care on the Road for RVers and Travelers

My first ‘on the road’ episode happened when we were in Idaho mid 2016.  I tweaked my back making our bed and those who have experienced bedmaking in RV’s, you know it can get the best of us because of tight quarters….lots of twisting, turning, lifting, and repeat.  I needed Chiropractic care.

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